About Jennifer Alexander

Jennifer Alexander is a conscious entrepreneur who delights in guiding her students and clients to awaken their mind-body-spirit connection with yoga, meditation, sound healing, and coaching. After spending her early career as a financial analyst, getting her MBA, and consulting for major corporations, Jennifer realized that a traditional business career was not her highest calling. In 2009, she followed her heart, leaving corporate America to travel the globe to study yoga, train as a life coach, and pursue the deep work of self-discovery under the guidance of masterful teachers. She is currently based in Chicago, where she teaches yoga at Moksha Yoga Center, leads mind-body-spirit workshops and retreats, performs Kirtan, and runs a socially-conscious coffee company with her soulmate.

Jennifer believes that every person on this earth has a unique life purpose. Following one's heart is the greatest gift one can give to humanity, for in a world in which everyone is giving freely of their unique gifts, there is no scarcity or fear - only abundance and love.