Redesign and Align Retreat

A full-day mind-body-spirit retreat with your guides Gina Marotta & Jennifer Alexander

What if you had an entire day to connect with your heart’s desires...

...and deepen your understanding of the person you most want to become?

What would you create?

What would you move past?

“Om Namah Shivaya” is a Sanskrit mantra meaning “I honor that which I am capable of becoming.”

On the journey to who you are becoming, you can discover and be guided by your inner wisdom, experience peace of mind that all is unfolding for your highest good, and feel joy and aliveness in connecting with and acting upon your heart’s deepest desires.

On the journey to who you are becoming, you can reduce harsh fear-based thinking, controlling behaviors and physical tension; tone down your nagging self-doubt; and tame that incessant need to please others at the expense of your own desires.

If this sounds like who you are becoming, your inner wisdom may be telling you it’s time. Time to reflect, look deeper, open up and listen. It’s time to Redesign & Align! Redesign perceptions in your mind. Align your body for heart-centered living.

Enjoy a full day retreat where you will engage in:

  • Discussion to uncover your heart’s desires and the person you most want to become
  • Interactive exercises to manage fear-based reactions to your desires
  • Yoga poses and practices to open your body and create physical alignment
  • Guided meditations to connect with your inner wisdom and spirit
  • Group chanting to clear your mind and deepen your connection to self and others

And, you’ll walk away with next steps and practices for activating your heart’s desires in your daily life.

Sound better than a day at the spa?

Every journey begins with a single step. And, so here is an offering for you to take one step toward the person you most want to become.

Stay tuned! Next Redesign & Align Retreat coming soon!

Would you like to bring Redesign & Align to your yoga studio or special group? Contact Jennifer Alexander at to learn more.